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All you need to know about selling your products conveniently on the shopalz marketplace.

Best Vendor User Interface

Enjoy our easy to use vendor platform to upload and manage your products from sales to delivery.

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Give your store a fast and solid online presence through the shopalz vendor program.

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As a shopalz vendor, we handle your product's delivery for you. Enjoy fast delivery to your customers nationwide.

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We have developed the best system for online sellers to upload and manage their products on the shopalz marketplace easily.

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Easy to use system

Enjoy an easy way to sell
your products online.

The shopalz vendor system comes with an easy to use dashboard and a mobile application to make product upload and management easy.

Nationwide Deliveries

We are motivated to break the barrier of distance by providing a means for nationwide deliveries for our vendors

Guidelines for Selling Online

We provide useful resources and coaching to help our vendors generate sales for their products on the shopalz marketplace.

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Can I sell from any Location?

Absolutely. We accept vendors nationwide. Refer to the *shipping* section to know how you can sell from your location.


How can I learn to use the dashboard?

We have provided useful guidelines on how you can use the vendor dashboard and our vendor team will work directly with you all the way.


Is selling on the shopalz marketplace free?

Yup! You are not required to make any payment for setting up your store and uploading products on the shopalz marketplace. Commissions however, are only taken from store transactions.


What Can I sell on the Shopalz Marketplace

You can sell products of any category on the shopalz marketplace ranging from physical products to digital and downloadable products and services.

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